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Friday, April 18, 2008

Making Yourself Known

As a new internet entrepreneur, one of the most daunting challenges one will face is "creating a presence" on the web. We wander in, look around and try to figure out what to do next. I have been focusing lately on message boards (forums) that relate to online marketing.

Participating in these forums can bring an enormous amount of exposure to the newbie marketer, but there are certainly some guidelines to follow. Different forum communities have different "cultures" so to speak and it will take some time to get accustomed to the peculiarities of each one. Spend some time reading and "lurking" before you make any posts. This will give you some ideas about how to approach the community. If you do nothing else, read the forum rules carefully before posting. You may be surprised at just how much the rules can vary between communities.

Once you've gotten "settled in" go ahead and put your link(s)(IF they're allowed) in your signature line and start participating in a meaningful way. Don't put your links in the body of your posts and make every effort to avoid giving the impression that you're a spammer. A great rule of thumb to stay in the good graces of any forum is to resist the urge to post unless you beleive that you have something to say that will add value to the community.

What many eager newbies tend to forget is that doing business online is all about building relationships. Take your time, interact, learn and grow.

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Dave from Welcome Back Rosenthal said...

myspace, facebook, twitter, squidoo. Those are just the ones getting press this year (and by this year I mean the last 4 months). It can get...tiring trying to catch the next big wave.